My name is Kevin Cornelissen and I’m a 23 year old website constructor. I have a huge passion for design and development.


As a web designer I deliver handcrafted websites that cover all your wishes and add a tremendous value to your company. By brainstorming, sketching and reviewing together, we will come to a fitting design. I see digital design not only as something artistic, but also as a useful marketing tool. I design with usability, web-standard and functionality in my head all the time.


When developing a website, my mission is to create a flawless website with as little workarounds as possible, so you get the purest and best out of it. My main skills are HTML, CSS and Javascript. Every day, I learn new things to make more stable and better working websites.



This robot was an assignment that I got for the course "image-processing". They expected us to create a frisky robot with Illustrator. The technical aspect was more important than the creative aspect.


This Wallpaper was a personal project of mine. With the use of Photoshop I created my name with "broken" letters. I made this project to develop my Photoshop skills.


This typographic work was an assignment that was given to me in class. The assignment was to create a typographic work with a word and theme of my own choice. I chose the word "cheese", and all I can say is ... the result is delicious!